I Put A Spell On You
Video Performance and Online Web Series in 4 Episodes

Directed, written, edited by Daniela Takeva and Nikolina Nedialkova
Performance: Daniela Takeva and Nikolina Nedialkova
Cinematography: David Scheffler
Music by Lyubomir Minchev
Voice: Milena Nikolova
Asisstent: Felix Ermacora
Graphic Design: Teresa Schönherr

Release date 11.04.2020

Funded by the Bulgarian Fund For Women

Contact: iputaspellonyouseries [at] gmail . com

I Put a Spell On You is a digital video performance and a web series by the artists Nikolina Nedialkova & Daniela Takeva.

In four episodes, the recovery of feminine power is being negotiated in the identity of the witch and feminist artist. Both conjure up and counter a tortuous story of misogyny and are a symbol of overcoming oppression of women. The performative-speculative approach honors the witch as a feminist icon, but refers specifically to Bulgarian mysticism. Guided by a voice-over, a speculative view of the historical witch figure unfolds to the viewer, which slides into occult acts from everyday Bulgarian culture, in order to end up using a futuristic fiction to assert that female artists are the modern witches of the 21st century. We see the female artist as the feminist killjoy who is willing to speak up and to assume the role of the witch, who is a symbol of fear, a fear that also occurs when someone is telling the inconvenient truth. The film was shot in the Bulgarian mountains and on the Internet.

Providing the series online tries to democratize the access to digital art and liberates it from the institution. In this regard, we provide a significant example of a larger change that has transpired in the past decade: the movement away from a long-established institution for artists’ cinema and towards a situation in which many of the twenty-first-century heirs now make and exhibit their art primarily in the context of self-managed and –organized conditions.

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