I Put A Spell On You
Video Performance and Online Web Series in 4 Episodes

Directed, written, edited by Daniela Takeva and Nikolina Nedialkova
Performance: Daniela Takeva and Nikolina Nedialkova
Cinematography: David Scheffler
Music by Lyubomir Minchev
Voice: Milena Nikolova
Asisstent: Felix Ermacora
Graphic Design: Teresa Schönherr

Release date 11.04.2020

Funded by the Bulgarian Fund For Women

Contact: iputaspellonyouseries [at] gmail . com

I Put a Spell On You is a digital video performance and a web series by the artists Nikolina Nedialkova & Daniela Takeva.

Like many millennial women we see a reclamation of female power in the witch and feminist identities. Both conjure and counter a tortuous history of misogyny and can be emblematic of women overcoming oppression. Honoring the witch as a feminist icon we perform the role of a supernatural being and take a specific look at Bulgarian mysticism. Witchcraft and occultism in general are being reinterpreted in a speculative fiction as a feminist artistic act.

Providing the series online tries to democratize the access to digital art and liberates it from the institution. In this regard, we provide a significant example of a larger change that has transpired in the past decade: the movement away from a long-established institution for artists’ cinema and towards a situation in which many of the twenty-first-century heirs now make and exhibit their art primarily in the context of self-managed and –organized conditions.

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